Contemplate this: Daniel Day-Lewis is Abraham Lincoln

I’ve had a busy week so the longer post I promised on Wes Anderson is still a few days in the making, but until then, let’s contemplate this:

If you’re like me and the prospect of a new Daniel Day-Lewis film (that rare beast that comes but once every five years or so) turns your knees to jelly with anticipation, the emergence over the last few weeks of this poster for his forthcoming Steven Spielberg film Lincoln is very exciting indeed. The resemblance is striking, but based on past Day-Lewis performances you know the outside is just the first layer of the magic to come.

I’ve been a devotee since I first saw Daniel in My Beautiful Laundrette (yes, we are on a first name basis). My adoration was sealed after The Age of Innocence and his brilliance was confirmed in Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood. Genius.

I’m probably running ahead of myself here but I can’t help wondering whether Lincoln will give Daniel admission to the ‘three time club’ – the tiny club of actors who are recipients of three Academy Awards. The three timers for acting are Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson, Walter Brennan and Ingrid Bergman. Only Katharine Hepburn leads the pack with four. But really if Daniel were to win again he’d be in a club all his own (I think he is anyway) – the only member to win three awards in the Best Actor in a Leading Role category.


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